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Ready to Finally Reach Your Goals and Live Your Best Life ??

Transform Your Mind and Body with Hypnotherapy

Meet Erika

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.S in Psychology

Hey There!


I'm Erika ... An Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapist (with an MS in Psychology) who helps high achieving women identify and clear those limiting beliefs that cause them to self-sabotage, feel stuck, frustrated and just plain unhappy in their lives .

My goal with every client is to help you live your best life possible by removing the hidden subconscious blocks preventing you from getting there.

​Whether you feel unmotivated, lazy, unfulfilled or anything in between... I got you... 

Integrative Weight loss Specialist
Weight loss in Brandon, FL

Are You Struggling with 

The Endless Weight Loss/ Weight Gain Battle?

Negative Self-Talk about Yourself, Your Life or Your Relationship?

Feeling Unhappy About Your Life Which is Causing you to Feel Anxious and Depressed?

Wanting to Make a Change in Your Life but Something is Keeping You Stuck?

Feeling Secure and Confident in Your Life, Finances or Relationship?


The mind is a powerful tool, and hypnosis can help you unlock its potential. With the help of hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind and make positive changes in your life.

Erika has helped me tremendously with my issues I had with my body. I didn't realize how bad my negative talk was until our first session. I decided to do her 6 week program and it has been life changing. I cried more than I've cried in 2 yrs but it was a result of so much trauma in my body. The release alone was worth the investment.

- Nayla Y.

“I recently went through a horrible breakup that caused me to lose sight of who I am in.

With Erika's help,  I have gained that confidence back and understand that I deserve so much more than I was getting from my previous relationship...  I was able to release the hurt and truly forgive my self and my ex which resulted in feeling fso much confidence  ”

- Maxine T.

“If you're in the Tampa Bay Area or anywhere for that matter, I would highly suggest you go to Erika ... With just the initial session I felt better than I have in years and her direct insight is truly unbelievable.. You have to try it to see what I'm talking about”

- Lerraine W.

My Services Include

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Self Sabotaging
Coming Soon

 Hypnotic Programming Audios

Various audios specifically designed to aid your subconscious mind in releasing what emotional and mental baggages you have been holding on to...

Coming Soon... 

Self Sabotaging
Coming Soon

Hypnotic Programming 

In these DIY courses, you will be able to uncover and clear what's been holding you back

Coming Soon...

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