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Ready to Get off the Weight Loss/ Weight Gain Roller Coaster??

Transform Your Body and Mind with an Holistic Approach

Meet Erika

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.S in Psychology

Hi, I'm Erika and I know first-hand how difficult it can be to lose weight.


After years  and years of struggling with my own weight and self-confidence, I decided to become an Integrative Weight Loss Specialist to help other women like myself finally reach their health and wellness goals and feel sexy in their bodies while doing so..


 My passion is helping women break free from the cycle of weight loss and weight gain, and ultimately lose 50 pounds or more in a sustainable way that works for them..  Bye Bye Fad Diets!


I get to the root of the weight issues by using a combination of proven methods, including Hypnotherapy and EFT, to help my clients overcome cravings, binge-eating and the self-sabotage that often accompanies weight loss efforts and low self-esteem.

Integrative Weight loss Specialist
Weight loss in Brandon, FL

Are You Struggling with 

Aligning with your Future Weight Loss Goals

Negative Self-Talk about Yourself & Your Body

Crazy Food Cravings & Binging

Self Sabotaging Your Results 

Obsession with the Scale


The mind is a powerful tool, and hypnosis can help you unlock its potential. With the help of hypnosis, you can access your subconscious mind and make positive changes in your life.

Erika has helped me tremendously with my issues with my body and my weight.. I decided to do 12 sessions with her and lost 15 lbs. It may not seem alot for some but for me it was the start of truly loving myself... 

If you're thinking about doing Hypnosis... I would highly recommend Erika's services

- Patricia L.

“I recently went through a horrible breakup that caused me to lose sight of who I am in this world..  With Hypnotherapy Erika helped me to gain that confidence back and understand that I deserve so much more than I was getting from my previous relationship...  I was able to release the hurt and truly forgive my self and my ex”

- Max T.

“If you're in the Tampa Bay Area, I would suggest you go to Erika for Hypnotherapy... With just the initial session I felt better than I have in years.. You have to try it to see what I'm talking about”

- Lenar W.

Hypnotherapy Services

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Self Sabotaging
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Stuck to Striving Coaching Program

Tired of Being Your Own Worst Enemy and Sabotaging Yourself every step of the way?
It's Time to Break Free


Self Sabotaging

In Person Hypnotic Programming Session

Ready overcome the obstacles and mental blocks that are preventing you from reaching your goals?

Schedule an In-Person Session with me Today.

Self Sabotaging
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Self Sabotaging Quiz

Is Self-Sabotage Holding You Back From Your Goals?

Take our quick 10-question quiz to find out if you're getting in your own way and why

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