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Meet Erika

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.S. in Psychology

"When a Woman is battling Self-Sabotage it can literally feel like a
24/7 war going on in her Mind and Body.


Hey There!


I'm Erika ... An Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapist (with a Masters Degree in Psychology) who helps high achieving women identify and clear those limiting beliefs that cause them to self-sabotage, feel stuck, frustrated and just plain unhappy in their lives .

My goal with every client is to help you live your best life possible by removing the hidden subconscious blocks preventing you from getting there.

​Whether you feel unmotivated, lazy, unfulfilled or anything in between... I got you... 

Because I've been there before...  

I know, what it's like to feel lost and stuck, constantly struggling with those unwanted patterns while battling negative thoughts and emotions.

It seems hopeless.. Especially when you've done all you can to fix it..

 That's why it's crucial to tackle these vicious patterns on a subconscious level..

Just talking about it.. DOES NOT WORK

You've got to get to the root... And release it

Working with me we do just that,  we dive deep into your subconscious mind and identify those hidden blocks that are holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

Through a combination of techniques such as Hypnotherapy and EFT, we work together to release those negative patterns and replace them with positive beliefs and habits.

But it's not just about releasing the negative, it's also about creating a crystal clear vision for your future self and setting achievable goals to get there.

I believe that time is our most valuable resource, so I am dedicated to helping my clients make the most out of their time by creating a clear roadmap towards their desired outcome.

By working with me, you will not only see improvements in your personal or professional life but also learn powerful tools and techniques to continue growing.

So What do you say??

Are You Ready To Finally Clear those Blocks and Live the Life You Deserve??

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