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Personalized Hypnotic Programming Recording

DJ Headphones

Ready to Achieve your Goals Easily and Effectively with the Help of Your Subconscious Mind at Your Convenience Day or Night ?

Too Busy to attend an In-person Hypnotic Programming session but want the same benefits of one??

Then this is for you..

With the Personalized Hypnotic Programming Audio

we will spend 30 minutes via Zoom going over Exactly what You Want to Achieve...

Then I will create a custom tailored made Hypnotic Programming Recording for you to listen to for the next 30 days .

The Hypnotic Programming Recording will put you into Hypnosis and Allow the Subtle yet Powerful Suggestions to speak Directly to your Subconscious Mind.

All you have to do is lay back and enjoy while the Recording does all the work for you

The Sky is the Limit


Here are Some Areas a Personalized Hypnotic Programming Recording can help with:

  • Accelerated Learning

  • Amplify Your Abundance

  • Achieve Your Full Potential

  • Alleviate Menopausal Symptoms

  • Alleviate Writer's Block

  • Achieve Sexual Orgasms

  • Awaken Your Female Sexual Energy

  • Achieve a Low Carb Diet 

  • Achieve Your Goal

  • Attract Employment 

  • Attract Customers/Clients

  • Attract Friendship

  • Balance Your Life

  • Be More Assertive

  • Be More Charismatic

  • Be on Time

  • Become an Entrepreneur

  • Become Resilient

  • Become Organized

  • Becoming Debt Free

  • Boost Your Power and Influence

  • Bounce Back from Failure

  • Break out of Your Comfort Zone 

  • Bring Back the Joy of Sex

  • Building Trust in Relationships

  • Build Muscle 

  • Become a Natural Born Leader

  • Be Calm and Focused

  • Become a Conscious Creator 

  • Change Negative Beliefs

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Conquer Fear of Needles

  • Consistency

  • Control Your Temper

  • Coping with Rejection

  • Create a Lifestyle of Freedom

  • Develop an Optimistic Attitude

  • Develop Strong Faith

  • Develop Time Management Skills

  • Developing Great Self-Confidence

  • Discover and Do What You Want

  • Drink More Water

  • Dream Bigger

  • Eliminate Fear of Dentist

  • Eliminate Junk Food Cravings

  • Eliminate Sugary Sweet Cravings

  • Eliminate Premature Ejaculation

  • Eliminate Laziness

  • Energize Your Body

  • Enhance Creativity 

  • Enjoy Giving Oral Sex

  • Enjoy Making Love 

  • Experience Self-Love

  • Fall Asleep Fast

  • Feel Happy

  • Fertility

  • Financial Prosperity

  • Finding Lost Things 

  • Flirting Confidence

  • Forgiveness

  • Freedom From Smoking

  • Gain Weight

  • Get Inspired

  • Get Out of Your Funk

  • Get Over Your Ex

  • Get Super Motivated to Succeed

  • Get Your Drive and Ambition Back

  • Hypnotic Gastric Band 

  • Help Your Body to Thrive

  • Improve Concentration

  • Improve Guitar Playing

  • Improve Memory

  • Improve Study Habits

  • Improve Listening Skills

  • Increase Libido

  • Increase Productivity 

  • Instant Self-Motivation

  • Keep Promises

  • Learn a Foreign Language 

  • Letting Go 

  • Life Purpose Guidance

  • Life Success

  • Magnetic Attraction

  • Memory Boost

  • Mind of a Millionaire

  • Money Meditation

  • Problem Solving

  • Motivation at Work

  • Moving Forward

  • Overcome Cold Calling Resistance

  • Overcome Fear of Heights

  • Overcome Grief

  • Overcome Insomnia

  • Overcome Jealousy

  • Overcome Perfectionism

  • Overcome Social Shyness

  • Overcome Stage Fright

  • Pain Relief*

  • Patience

  • Pre-Surgery Preparation/After Surgery Relief

  • Public Speaking Confidence

  • Pursue Your Goals with Enthusiasm

  • Release Depressive Feelings*

  • Release Distraction

  • Release Creative Blocks 

  • Release Anxious Driving Feelings

  • Release Fear of Success

  • Release Financial Worries

  • Release Flight Anxiety

  • Relieve PMS Symptoms

  • Realizing Your Goals

  • Rekindle the Passion

  • Reveal Your Magnetic Beauty

  • Rid Yourself of Blocks and Doubts

  • Sales Success

  • Save Money

  • Setting Your Intentions 

  • Setting Your Personal Boundaries

  • Sexual Attraction

  • Sing with Confidence

  • Speed Reading  

  • Stop Compulsive Spending 

  • Stop Making Excuses

  • Stop Self-Sabotage

  • Stop Taking it Personal

  • Stop Worrying 

  • Stress Relief

  • Take Action Now 

  • Take Responsibility 

  • Test Taking Success

  • The Path to Spiritual Enlightenment 

  • Turn off Your Busy Brain

  • Unlock the Flow of Abundance 

  • Wake up Early 

  • Work at Home 

  • Yoga Strength and Balance 

  • Your Best Year Ever 

Please Allow up to 72 hrs to Receive Recording After our Zoom Session...

Please Book Wisely as there are NO Refunds Once You've Paid




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