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Break Away From Your Limiting Negative Thoughts

Updated: Jul 26

Ready to Break Away from Those Negative Thoughts that are limiting you in Life?

Have negative thoughts hindered your efforts to live, learn, and grow? Your personal

beliefs about yourself and your life matter more than you realize. In fact, those beliefs

become the very foundation upon which you build your life.

How do you recognize self-sabotaging thoughts?

break away from negative thoughts

Some common self-limiting thoughts are:

“I’ll never be able to save any money for retirement.”

“I guess I won’t ever fall in love again.”

“Why can’t I find any trustworthy friends?”

“I’ll be fat forever.”

“I'm sure "so and so" will get that promotion over me.”

“I wish I could take a vacation to Europe, but I know I could never afford it.”

“How will I ever live the life I want earning what I earn now?”

If you identified some of your limiting thoughts while reading the above examples, take steps to break your cognitive ties to those thinking patterns.

Break away from Negative thoughts

Focus on these strategies to start thinking in a new direction:

1. Refrain from labeling yourself. If you see yourself as “poor” financially, then

you might unconsciously strive to match that label. Or if you think of yourself as

“fat” you may be unable to imagine yourself as beautiful and thin.

2. Take baby steps. When you continually move towards your goals, you’ll gain the

momentum to keep on going. Rather than think you’re unable to achieve

success, make a plan of achievable steps to ensure you do.

For example, perhaps you’d like a European vacation. Instead of believing

you’ll never get there, establish a small weekly savings goal of $20, and

keep putting the money aside until you have enough.

3. Learn to be your own best friend. Love yourself enough to be your own best

friend. Do this by giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. Think positive

thoughts such as, "I can do this." When you practice this, you’ll reject self-limiting


4. Believe in yourself. Instead of insisting you’ll “never” do something, say that

you can, and then do it. If you turn those negatives into positives, it boosts your

self-esteem. Trust that you can accomplish, succeed, and prevail.

5. Assess the truth. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m thinking really true?

For example, is it an absolute reality that you'll never be able to save any money at all for


It doesn't have to be true, unless you strive for that.

Change your mindset by beginning your retirement fund today.

At the end of the day, put all your change into a jar. See how simple it is to start


Question your self-limiting thoughts.

When you realize they’re unrealistic, untrue, and within your power to change, you’ll be able to break away.

6. Recognize how powerful your negative thoughts are. ...

You create who you are

Ready to Break Away from Those Thought That are Keeping You Stuck in Your Life

break away from negative thoughts

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