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Release The Weight

Initial Session

Ready to Finally Get off the Endless Roller Coaster Ride You've Been on with Your Weight??

RTW Initial Session  Pic 1.png
Curious About What an Initial Session Entails?
We will use the 60 minutes to get to know you...
  • What are your struggles and obstacles with your weight?
  • How has this affected you through out your life?
  • Why do you want to change this now?

    This will be an in-depth conversation so I can get a clear and vivid picture of what's going on.

    The Second half our session, you will get to experience Hypnosis with me..
  • This is for me to see how well we work together  during Hypnosis and what are the underlying subconscious problems regarding your weight issues
At end of our session, I will discuss how we can work together to resolve your issues so you can finally end the patterns preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals.
The session is $225
Ready to get Started?
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